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6) We know 100% Nizamis mom was a Kurd. His father we won't ever know. And The one thing responsible from Nizami accessible to us is his five-ganj. Any other verses beyond This is certainly attributed and never taken being genuine.

By the way the Russian scholar that built that sturdy statement is just isn't Armenian and perhaps if he was, it doesn’t make any difference! Since you are employing some Armenian from 1950, whereas I'm able to use a lot of Armenian scholars from now in the event the USSR censors and Stalin are not at work! And personally there's no evidence that Armenians gave Mr. Kapustin funds to put in writing this Until Mr. Adil Baguirov has photo of the Armenian offering a match situation of hundred dollar expenditures to this Russian scholar of Iranian research!

Alexander is Greek/Roman (and don't enter into that macedonian argument because to Nizami he was Greek). Lili o Majnoon is Arab story. So Nizami features a relationship to Every person and is particularly common. If there was anything that could make his ethnicity clearer, then scholars would have now demonstrated it. So we will never know much more than this with certainty. BTW I even have PhD and allows not write ethnic centered articles or blog posts after which check with it in Wikipedia. I say allows honor Nezami rather than preventing. His poetry virtually speaks for itself with regards on the culture he belonged to. Else really before long Iranians, Armenians, and folks from your Azarbaijani republic and Kurds also are going to be bickering. I have discovered a lot of english translations of Nizami's verses (without any ethnic mother nature Though Obviously about Iranian Sassanid folklore) that I will put up before long on this page. --Ali doostzadeh 05:36, 24 Might 2006 (UTC)

"The identify of Ariana is additional extended to the Element of Persia and of Media, as also on the Bactrians and Sogdians over the north; for these talk roughly the exact same language, with but slight variations." (Geography, 15.8)

Masoudi thought that Pahlavi, Dari and Azeri were being of exactly the same origin and blend of their will work was the identical and all of these were deemed among the Farsi dialects.

a similar detail is done with Rome. A great deal of people who were indirectly of roman descent were and are still labled as romans. some emperors are labled as romans, some architects are labled as romans, some poets are labled as romans, and many others...

Afterwards, You will find a chapter entitled “Vacation of Shapur to Armenia immediately after Shirin”, in which Armenia isn't named anymore, but it's apparent from all the former context that Armenia, a geographic notion, was Component of the larger Arran kingdom of her aunt (not mother, aunt!

9) Whilst it’s nice to check out that some Iranians were studying Russian-language resources and thoroughly saved the 1988 difficulty on the Soviet Culture magazine, it should be noted which the write-up by Mikhail Kapustin in that journal – who never revealed nearly anything on Nizami before – coincided with an identical post by Armenian writer Grachik Simonyan in the Grakan Tert newspaper. Both of those content articles overlooked modern investigation, including by a true Nizami expert Armenian poetess Shaginyan, and repeated the same old, irrelevant, from time to time Bogus claims – like the Qom idea – and conveniently dismissed all pertinent Turk references in Nizami’s is effective, even though selectively citing something favorable to Iran and Persians, usually heading overboard by misattributing terms of shairvanshah Ahsitan to Nizami himself (which happens to be in essence the same what Mr.

Because even if there is a manuscript more mature than it, it does not instantly one hundred% refute it, due to the fact various manuscripts might have been extant. So which is why we make use of the visit phrase Perhaps. Even if some Students dismiss it, some Students have made use of words and phrases "Maybe", "might have been","it's possible." .

Furthermore, those usually are not comprehensive words – there have been more appealing verses previous, here are some much more traces:

‘’considering that Turks are in fact wanting migration, my wife plundered my possessions absent inside of a Turkish method, if My Turkish spouse escaped with the tent, O god you ideal find out about my Tork-Zaad”

The creator also has misquoted several of the verses of Nizami with really weak Persian (and one of these failed to exist) although the difficulty of Nizamis ethnicity has long been settled by scholars. Kurdish mom, and father of Most likely from Qom. This can be what Nizami scholars have stated and there is totally almost nothing else from his poetry to realize additional information.

. and etc. So even this component about his spouse Afaq can be taken to suggest she was lovely like Turks of Central Asia.

چنان كه wikipedia reference مي بينيد، ما در اين جا فقط با يك افسانه سروكار داريم، با شاهي افسانه اي به نام رائش كه در زمان شاه اسطوره اي ايران، «منوچهر» مي زيست،و با لشكركشي افسانه اي اين شاه اسطوره اي يمن به آذربايجان و ايران! يعني، افسانه در افسانه! سواي اين نكات واضح، در همين قصه هم، «تركان» ساكنان و مردمان آذربايجان دانسته نشده اند، بل كه از آنان به منزله اشغالگران آذربايجان سخن رفته است كه اين سرزمين را تصاحب كرده بودند (به دست گرفته بودند) و اين شاه افسانه اي يمني نيز آذربايجان را از سيطره آن ها خارج كرده است.

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